BBC: Sajid Javid to run for Tory party leader

Sajid Javid to run for Tory party leader

From the BBC online:

Home Secretary Sajid Javid has become the latest MP to join the race for the Conservative Party leadership.

Announcing his candidacy on Twitter, Mr Javid said that "first and foremost, we must deliver Brexit".

He is the ninth member of the Tory Party to confirm he is running, and whoever wins will become the next UK prime minister.

It follows the announcement by Theresa May on Friday that she would stand down as leader on 7 June.

She confirmed she would stay on as PM until a new leader is chosen - which senior Conservative figures said should be by the end of July.

In a video, Mr Javid said he wanted to "rebuild trust, to find unity and create new opportunities for our country".

He said the results of the European elections - which saw his party score less than 10% of the total vote, compared to nearly 25% in 2014 - made it "all too clear" that the government "must get on and deliver Brexit to ensure there is renewed trust in our democracy".

He added: "We must bridge divides to heal communities, reminding us of our shared values as a United Kingdom, and we must strengthen our society and economy so that everyone can benefit from the opportunities which a prosperous nation provides."