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Leadership Statement

I’m proud of the positive, straight campaign I ran. I’ve had a few weeks to reflect on what our country needs now and who can best achieve it. And after a busy week travelling to Israel and Turkey with my Home Office responsibilities, I’ve now come back home to my own ballot paper. I will be voting for Boris.

Letter from Saj

Over the last few weeks it has been a great privilege to promote my vision for the country, through Brexit and beyond. I have been truly humbled by the support I have received from colleagues and Conservatives around the country.

Saj can reach fresh eyes and ears in a way that other candidates simply cannot

Matthew Elliott (CEO Vote Leave) and Ruth Davidson (Leader Scottish Conservatives), write in the Sunday Telegraph about why they think Sajid Javid can reach fresh eyes and ears in a way that other candidates simply cannot:

Saj Launch Speech: Tomorrow's Leader, Today

"Tomorrow's Leader, Today" - Sajid Javid launches bid to become Prime Minister for Brexit & Beyond

Ruth Davidson Introduces Sajid Javid

At a packed afternoon event in central London, Ruth Davidson MSP introduced Sajid Javid at the launch of his campaign to become leader of the Conservative & Unionist Party.

WATCH: Campaign Video

Sajid Javid: I got into politics because I wanted to give back to our country, which has given me so many opportunities. I'm proud to be able to share my story with you. Check out my campaign video...

Saj live on LBC taking your calls

Sajid Javid was live on LBC this morning taking listeners' calls. Watch or listen back in case you missed it.

Saj: As PM I’ll make our schools the envy of the world – no ifs, no buts, no excuses

Sajid Javid: Like all parents, mine wanted me to enjoy a better start in life than they did. That’s why they came to Britain for the chance to build a brighter future for themselves and for their eventual family.

Ruth Davidson declares Saj 'the man for the job'

Sajid Javid’s bid to be the next Prime Minister has been given a major boost after Ruth Davidson declared him ‘the man for the job’ and ‘the real deal’.

Sajid vows to freeze fuel duty

Sajid Javid today vows to freeze fuel duty - while launching Britain’s drive to ‘net-zero’ emissions.

‘Sajid Javid could be the best Tory leader as far as the West Midlands is concerned’

The former Trade minister and CBI boss Lord Digby Jones has never belonged to a political party, but he says it is vital for the nation's economy that the Conservatives pick a leader capable of defeating Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. Speaking at a business event hosted by the Richardsons, he told the E&S: "I'm a Sajid Javid...

Saj backs Commonwealth soldiers serving in the British armed forces

Sajid says that soldiers from Commonwealth countries who join our armed forces should be allowed to bring their families to Britain.

Saj's plan for a £100bn infrastructure fund

Sajid Javid has launched a plan for a £100bn infrastructure project that would focus on redistributing growth across the UK.

Mail: Saj says 'No, no, no' to second referendum

Sajid Javid has ruled out a second referendum, a general election and revoking Article 50 if he becomes the next PM. Writing in Saturday's Daily Mail, the home secretary said another vote "would be disastrous for trust in politics". Sajid Javid: As much of...

Sun: Saj vows to recruit 20,000 extra police

From The Sun Online: MORE police on the beat means less crime on our streets. Not exactly rocket science, is it? But what’s obvious to Sun readers in towns and cities across the country is not quite as clear-cut in the corridors of Westminster and Whitehall — and it’s time for that to change. The increase in...

BBC: Sajid Javid to run for Tory party leader

From the BBC online: Home Secretary Sajid Javid has become the latest MP to join the race for the Conservative Party leadership. Announcing his candidacy on Twitter, Mr Javid said that "first and foremost, we must deliver Brexit". He is the ninth member of the Tory Party to confirm he is running, and whoever wins will become the...